Invitation 8.March

*** from #metoo to #wetoo  – Let´s Start a Revolution***  Night Dance Demo

On International Women‘s Day, the activists of Queer Feminism Stuttgart call for a night dance demonstration in the Stuttgart city center.

From 7:30pm to around 10:30pm
Meet: In front of the Opera House (Oberer Schloßgarten 6, 70173 Stuttgart)
We will take the streets dancing, listen to speeches at various stops and we will celebrate.

100 years after the introduction of the right to vote for women in Germany, the society is still bursting with injustices and disadvantages. Violence and discrimination are omnipresent in many places.

With the Night Dance Demo we want to say: „we are not intimidated, we are loud, we are diverse, we stand together to take our place in the public sphere ».

let’s demand what we all deserve! Our right…
…to sexual and bodily self-determination;
…to physical and psychological integrity;
…to equality in our intimate relationships, in the
family and in the workplace;
…to circulate freely and safely in public;
…to party without being harassed;
…to a self-determined life, regardless of residency statutes;
…to a life free from stereotypes!

Feminism is about all of us: sexism, discrimination and sexual violence are omnipresent in society. Let’s stand together for everyone’s rights regardless of categories such as gender, sexual orientation, origin, age, disability, bodily norms and social class!

Please note the attached flyer and sent it along!

For more information:

See you on the streets!
Feminist greetings,
Your Queer Feminist Stuttgart Crew